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NYC members of staff visit IPRC Kigali

Executive Secretary of National Youth Council (NYC), Alphonse NKURANGA, along with members of staff, headed to the Integrated Polytechnique Regional Centre (IPRC Kigali). The purpose of the visit was to get information on the program availability and enrolment requirements for prospect students to be sponsored by NYC.

Started in 2008, IPRC Kigali aspires to be a leading world-class institution in the provision of technical and vocational education training (TVET). In its first year, it was home to 209 students and now, five years later, it boasts an enrolment rate of 2010 students.

Upon reaching the institution, NYC members were warmly greeted by IPRC Kigali principal, Eng. Diogène Mulindahabi. He swiftly and fondly delivered an overview of programs available at the centre. Among those are advanced diploma, certificates and vocational training programs. Courses are offered in a wide array of subjects, namely, civil engineering; electrical and electronics; information and communication technology; and mechanical engineering.

Program duration ranges from six months for vocational training to three years for advanced diplomas. Worth noting, the Centre is not exclusive to secondary graduates, but rather, specific programs cater to those individuals who have dropped out of school, or have not managed to successfully complete their secondary level.

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The Students in TVET schools. Picture/ internet.

During the visit, NYC members were also privy to an inclusive tour of the facilities, led by Principal Mulindahabi. As each department was visited, department heads came forward and briefly spoke about their program activities and facilitated dialogue between the students and NYC staff.

What ensued were personal exchanges between hopeful students and Executive Secretary Alphonse NKURANGA as he listened to them relay circumstances that spurred them to enroll in the Centre and responded with powerful words of inspiration that help them succeed in their lives.

NKURANGA urged the Youth of the center be positive, stay focus and set realistic objectives for themselves.

As the visit came to a close, Alphonse NKURANGA was left with two important questions to pose the gathered group of students: should the National Youth Council send a group of students to the IPRC Kigali and if so, would they be welcome with open arms. The answers were of course, two unanimous yes.