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Nyaruguru: Youth advised to change Rwanda’s awful past

YouthConnekt Dialogue has gone on, On Thursday, May 23, 2013, in Nyaruguru District in Southern Province where hundreds of Youths participated in this event.

This happening gathered hundreds of youth in Munini Sector where they hold discussions targeting the building of their country after 19 year of Commemoration of Genocide against Tutsi.

The Mayor of Nyaruguru District told Youth to embrace the culture and learn from our history, he added that Youth are ambitious and a clear vision to build the country’s better future.

YouthConnekt Month put together Youth activities both socially and economically and Dialogue, it kicked off in the beginning of May; the dialogue is an idea being implemented in collaboration of a group Arts for Peace.

The main purpose of the dialogue is to create a chance, opportunity and a platform for young people to make a significant contribution to peace building in Rwanda.

Kalisa Rugano, a cultural expert told young people to know the country’s history. He insists on how Youth can work towards changing the poor history through rebuilding the country.

Edouard Bamporiki from Arts for Peace testifies what he saw in the Genocide. He advises fellow Youth to learn from what relatives did during the Genocide and choose a best way to shape the better future.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Mrs Rosemary Mbabazi while addressing Nyaruguru Youth urges them to uphold the values of hard work and integrity and learn about our country’s past and take future in their hands.

The youth in this function agreed on strategies they will hold in rebuilding Rwanda like fighting Genocide ideology, build a country that is against ignorance; engage in promoting peace, unity and reconciliation

This function was attended by famous Rwandan musicians who entertained people including Massamba Intore, Mani Martin and Munyanshoza Dieudonné.