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Kayonza: Youth in cycling competition for HIV/AIDS awareness

Kayonza Youth Center has prepared cycling competitions as a way of bringing the youth together and teaching them about reproduction health and AIDS awareness program.

This program is called ‘VCT Mobile’ where the Youth Center workers move around the sectors sensitizing people about AIDS and having the willing test for the scourge.

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Cycling competitors in the game

Jean Claude Mwiseneza the coordinator of Kayonza Youth Center says the youth in sectors far from Kayonza town do not usually attend the services provided by this Center.

This ‘VCT Mobile’ program is therefore to attend to those youth and provide the center’s services to them in their own sectors.

One way of making ‘VCT Mobile’ program possible is through cycling competition to bring together youth in all sectors of Kayonza district. On Saturday the 18th.May.2013, the cycling male and female competitors started from Kayonza town to Rwakigeri in Kabarondo sector and ended in Nyamirama sector.

After the competition, more than 62 people voluntarily tested for HIV/AIDS just like the coordinator of Kayonza Youth Center explained.

Preparing such competitions, also awards are prepared for more youth to value it and attend. They are then taught lessons on preventing AIDS scourge as well as unwanted pregnancies.

Apart from cycling competitions, Kayonza Youth Center usually prepares games that entertain and bring together youth especially in the month for the youth. Kayonza Youth Center main objective is to prevent new AIDS infections among the youth as well as all the people in the district.

Among the awards given to the winners of this cycling competition include 2 bicycles that were given to 2 male and female winners, money, telephones and cycling sportswear.